Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

National Better Buildings Overview

Last year, the buildings in which we work and live used roughly 40% of the energy in the U.S. economy at a cost of over $400 billion. Through a variety of efficiency improvements (e.g. new lighting, greater insulation, more efficient heating and cooling) and proven approaches (clear information, access to financing, energy efficiency investment criteria), we can make these buildings more energy efficient and better places to live and work while creating jobs and building a stronger economy.

In February 2011, President Obama, building upon the investments of the Recovery Act, announced the Better Buildings Initiative to make commercial buildings 20% more energy efficient by 2020 and accelerate private sector investment in energy efficiency.

2015 Annual Report

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge has completed it's third full year of reporting. The 2015 Report is now available for download. Please click on the link to download the full report. ABBC Annual Report (2015)

Better Buildings Challenge

The President is challenging CEOs, University Presidents, state and local government leaders and others to commit their organizations to lead in saving energy, saving money, and showcasing the best energy saving strategies and their results. Partners commit to an energy savings pledge, a showcase building, and to share their progress. Partners will receive public recognition, technical assistance, and best-practices sharing through a network of peers. Their leadership will provide real case studies and implementation models-linked to results-for others to use.

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Annual Recognition Event

BBC Annual Recognition Event from Chris Erickson on Vimeo.

Metro Atlanta Chamber E3 Award Recipient 2013

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Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

Starting with the Downtown central business district, the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge will unite the public sector with the business and nonprofit communities to implement substantive building upgrades toward the goal of improving participating buildings’ energy and water performance. The effort is underway with a benchmarking initiative for Atlanta's 400-block Downtown area, including the Atlanta Civic Center and other municipal facilities, as well as eventually to include other landmark Downtown buildings.

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge aims to support President Obama’s goal of helping businesses save nearly $40 billion annually in energy costs, enabling them to grow, invest in new technology, and create American jobs. Atlanta is proud to be one of the three first-mover cities, along with Seattle and Los Angeles, selected for this important initiative.