ABBC 2.0



Building on Atlanta’s national leadership, ABBC is a city-led program using collaborative engagement and data driven approaches to create meaningful change in the built environment to result in economic and community advancement.


  • Increase square feet of participation 20% by 2020*
  • Increase engagement of existing participants by 20% by 2020*
  • Targeted support for those not yet achieving 20% goals
  • Add Wellbeing and Waste Management

Additional Target Audiences

  • Multifamily, hospitality & restaurants

How are we addressing equity?

  • Target Affordable Housing Multifamily properties for participation end of year 2017
  • Focus outreach and recruitment to small business owners with 2.0
  • Qualifier for Wellbeing and Material Management includes non-profits, small business association members, and participants who have reached their 20% energy and water goals

What is success of program?

Meet percentage goals outlined by 2020

ABBC Program Scope:

Education, Technical Assistance, Recognition, Mentorship, Enhanced sponsorship



ABBC 2.0 Rack Card

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