Affordable Multifamily Housing Challenge

About AMFH Challenge

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability is working with Energy Efficiency for All, the City Energy Project and other stakeholders to create an Affordable Multifamily Housing Challenge pilot program. The objective of this project is to encourage demand for energy and water efficiency within the affordable multifamily housing (AMFH) sector in Atlanta. Building energy and water efficiency projects have many benefits, including investment into the local economy, green job creation, and improved public health through emissions reductions.

The City of Atlanta uses HUD’s definition of affordable housing as “units that are charged rents and/or sold to households at or below 80% of area median income, or that receive a federal or state housing authority subsidy, such as HUD or Low Income Tax Credits, or are owned by a public housing authority,” and includes both subsidized and unsubsidized affordable housing.

Overall, participants will have the opportunity to access:

Tools and resources for reducing energy and water consumption

Incentives and funding options to support energy and water efficiency retrofit projects

One-on-one work with trainers and City liaisons to analyze utility bills (electricity, natural gas, water) and create a   strategy to reduce energy and water usage and costs

They will have access to educational workshops and trainings that will cover topics such as cost, environmental and tenant impacts of energy and water efficiency measures, determining return on investment for efficiency upgrades, existing financial, utility and technical incentives that exist specifically for the affordable multifamily housing sector, and much more. Participants will join benchmarking training sessions where they will learn how to benchmark with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, and how to interpret their results into an energy efficiency plan going forward.

Property owners or managers who want to participate will commit to the following through the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge:

Reducing energy consumption 20% by 2020

Attending at least one educational workshop

Benchmarking their energy data

Attending a training on interpreting benchmarking data

Commercial buildings across the city are completing benchmarking exercises and participating in the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge. Participation in the challenge will realize cost savings at the individual property level, help create jobs across the city, and have a positive impact on Atlanta’s air quality.


How to Sign Up

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Schedule of Events

Want to learn more about benchmarking affordable multifamily housing properties? Check out the following events:

Kick-off Event at Southface Energy Institute, October 26, 2015 from 5 to 6:30 PM.

Education and informational session in December, 2015 (TBD)

Benchmarking training in January, February and March, 2016 (TBD)


Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager

Analyzing Your Data

Identifying Savings and Measuring Success